"Pink 'n Bling"

This particular card was made for a friend who was turning 40.  
Being a fan of "pink" and "bling", we were both tickled with 
the end result. 

"Happy 50th"

"1954 Classic"

Inspired by butterflies, this card was created for Leonard, 
a family 
friend, celebrating his 60th Birthday.     

"Poker Player"

This card was ordered as an addition to a
"Music Grams - Singing Telegram" request from Cynthia in 
Nova Scotia who wanted her friend, Shelley, to have a memorable
60th Birthday.  Cynthia shared that Shelley is a huge poker player
and to incorporate the 2 of spades into the card would be great!  

"A 1933 Original"

"80 Years Young"

When a work colleague shared with me that plans were in 
the works for her mom's 80th birthday, I acknowledged 
Ethel's special event with a fun polka dot card.

"1923 Original"

Dear Frank was a WWII Veteran who I had the pleasure
of meeting at my local Branch of the
 Royal Canadian Legion. On several occasions, Frank
 would dress up as Zorro for Halloween.  I took this
 picture of him and later used it to acknowledge his 90th Birthday. 

                                         A Special Spring Birthday


Recognizing Other Special Birthdays......

                              For The Musician In Your Life




"To My Daughter, Frances"


"For A Special Friend"